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What my clients are saying


What brought me to the doorstep of Golden Years Therapeutic Massage and Aimee Holley was, for me, an extraordinary event.  I became very involved with one of my projects and over did it - a LOT!  I am, indeed, a golden ager, keep very engaged and active but am quite slack when it comes to exercise.

My lower back was stiff when I went to bed but about two hours later, I awoke in pain.  I was able to get up but then my back muscles spasmed and it was excruciating.  It took me a half-hour to get back to bed, where I sat for an hour trying to figure out how to lie down.  Then the big question was, how was I going to turn off the light!  I was in unbelievable pain and I never remember feeling so vulnerable.

I found Golden Years on the internet.  I spoke to Aimee and was able to see her the next day.  I chose the Introductory Package of three sessions because I knew my muscle/back issues had taken years to get to this point, they weren’t going to be “fixed” in one day.  Aimee explained she was going to use Neural Reset Therapy, NRT which is a relatively new technique, and I was all for anything that would help.  I was beyond pleased to learn “No pain, no gain” was NOT part of the therapy philosophy.

The technique requires the client to actively participate in therapy in a gentle manner.  I found it intriguing and left that Tuesday feeling considerable better.  I realized each day was better and by Friday, I HAD NO PAIN.

I finished the original three session course and now do maintenance sessions once a month.  I have learned, from tips and hints from Aimee, as well as applying my own common sense, how to adjust what I do and how I do it, to help assure I never get in that condition again.  I am still astounded at how fast and effective NRT worked for me.  I have done my homework and know there is ample verifiable science backing the technique, but it still seems like a miracle to me!

Kip K, Tucson, AZ

"For the better part of my life I have experienced shoulder pain which was due to a college football injury. I was given exercises to do but they would only be a temporary fix at best. After seeing Aimee I have less pain, and a greater range of movement in my shoulder . Many tasks that I do usually were very painful and zapped my energy levels. It is hard to believe that I can now do daily tasks with relatively no pain and better range of movement." -G.T.


"I am a new client of Aimee’s and have had 3 sessions with her regarding a low back pain that was getting progressively worse. After my first session with her I was able to go back to my Pilates classes pain free.  Aimee is personable and professional and worked diligently at alleviating my low back issues. She communicates well so that we are both on the same page for the proper treatment.  I did not want to have to resort to pain medication and Aimee has made that possible.  I highly recommend seeing Aimee before getting medications from your physician." -J.T.






"Everything about the Treatment was excellent and the next morning my back felt great! I definitely will be back." -J.S.

"Aimee was able to feel the tightness in my muscles and work to soften them. My walking is more comfortable after a session" -M.L.

"I waited a few days to see how my neural muscular reset session worked on my body. Have to say that the ache and pain in lower pain has almost completely diminished! Pretty amazing. Very pleased. I will be looking forward to future sessions. You are skilled, friendly and appreciated that you talk about what you were doing as you as you did the body work....invaluable. Thank you!" -Anonymous

"Aimee is a great listener. Compassionate. Good skills" -Anonymous

"Aimee Is very personable and works hard to solve any discomfort her clients are experiencing at the moment" -L.N.

"Nothing to dislike; Aimee takes the time to determine the right approach to alleviating one's pain by listening to her client." -J.T.

"I felt much better, especially my neck and hands. Thank you" -Anonymous

"I like the fact that she seems truly concerned about my issues" -G.T.

"Aimee is a great listener. Compassionate. Good skills" -Anonymous

"A great first experience with Aimee who is very knowledgeable and skilled in releasing tender spots. Her therapeutic style of massage is different than I've experienced in the past, however, very effective -L.K.