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Do you feel like your body is not keeping up with you as you get older? You love being active, but as you age, you notice you have more aches and pains and you don’t recover like you used to. Your favorite activities are feeling more difficult than they should. It can be frustrating to finally be in (or close to) your hard earned retirement years, and now that you have the time to focus on yourself, you have to limit your activity level because your body is just not keeping up. Pain and injury can be a giant obstacle in your goals to get active or to stay active if you don’t have a plan. YOU CAN break the barrier of these physical limitations; recover faster, feel better, and move better to FULLY ENJOY your retirement, and I am here to help.

Golden Years Therapeutic Massage is your source for expert, skilled, pain-relieving, mobility increasing, massage therapy JUST for active adults over 50. It is the only massage therapy specialist in Arizona catering to the needs of those 50 and wiser who live an active lifestyle. Golden Years offers therapeutic and sports massage for pain relief, improving mobility as well as injury recovery and prevention. 

Founded by Aimee Holley, LMT, Golden Years Massage is the premiere resource in Tucson for relief from repetitive use injuries like tendinitis, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome; neck pain, shoulder pain, limited range of motion and restricted movement, low back pain, hip pain, surgery recovery, headaches, migraines, joint pain and stiffness, and many other aches and pains that we often blame on aging and overuse. My specialized techniques improve your body mechanics to keep you feeling great after we have relieved your pain. Whatever activities you love, I can help you continue doing them, pain-free.  


Not your typical massage

First, I take the time to connect with each client to understand the pain you are experiencing, and your lifestyle to create a plan that will best support your wellness goals.

Sessions are interactive, meaning you will be participating in your healing process

Gentle yet effective techniques including Neural Reset Therapy and Massage Cupping.. effect the deep tissues of the body WITHOUT the pain and soreness

I use Kinesio Tape when appropriate to help maintain and support results, or as a stand alone service between sessions

Most sessions can be done fully clothed, keeping you comfortable and respecting your boundaries

I can accomplish fantastic results from a seated or even standing position, if this works best for your body.

I use specialized techniques that are effective in relieving at least 80% of muscle pain and tension, by stimulating the nervous system to signal the muscle to relax, rather than using pressure to force relaxation. It is the smart way to relieve tension, WITHOUT PAIN.

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