Hi, my name is Aimee.

I started Golden Years and chose to specialize in working with seniors because I love seeing my elders living a life they love and continuing to be active. We work so hard to get to our golden years, and I hate seeing pain hold anyone back from enjoying them. I want to help my elders continue to do the things they are passionate about, pain-free. 

My grandma has always been and continues to be an inspiration in my life and my massage practice. She lived life with such a passion and never let age slow her down. She had an adventurous spirit that kept her exploring and active throughout her life. You could find her square dancing,riding quads, shooting hoops, or hiking. She even hiked the Grand Canyon when she was 70! 

 Outside of massage, I love to spend time with my fiance, family, friends and pets. I love to learn and I spend a lot of my free time watching videos and taking classes to learn new massage techniques to better serve my clients.  I am very active and spend as much time as possible outdoors. If I get an opportunity to travel somewhere new, I will always take it. I am very adventurous and am always seeking out new thrills. I must have gotten my adventurous genes from my grandma!